Do Speed Awareness Courses Affect Insurance?


You may have read a recent blog detailing our National Speed Awareness Course (NSAC) on the official NDORS website, which is aimed at educating those who have been caught speeding on the road and who have been fired accordingly.

You may be wondering why a speed awareness course is on a grey hound website. Well, greyhounds are know for their speed and if you have a grey hound you might alos be a speed freak so this is an article aimed at those who might be tempted to drive over the limit.

Speeding Greyhounds are like speeding cars

If you have been caught speeding and you have either already completed our course or are in the process of doing so, you may be wondering about whether this would affect your insurance costs or not, and if it could be a point of concern to you. The simple answer is: yes, it will, but it’s important for us to explain why.

First of all, you simply have to tell your insurance provider when the time comes for renewal that you have been caught speeding within the past few years, and have completed a course as a result. If you don’t tell them and they find out later on, then this can result in your insurance being revoked, and/or you receiving a further financial penalty from your insurer. You may be thinking “but it’s only speeding”, but speeding takes up many forms. Speeding could be accidentally going faster down a hill, or slightly going over the road’s limit, or it could be doing double or even triple the road’s limit, which as you may appreciate is very dangerous and, in severe cases, could lead to major incidents. Your insurer is none the wiser if the explanation is “speeding”, so you have to let them know; if they find out at a later date, and your speeding did result in an accident, then you will be in a much worse position at that point.

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Secondly, it demonstrates to your insurer that you are being honest and up-front with them. The whole point of insurance is to cover you in the event of an accident which is out of your control, so if you are telling the truth about you speeding, they are more likely to state your case should you suffer a bump or a breakdown on the road. If you are not honest with them, this may be less likely, especially if it turns out that you have a history of speeding on the road. By being frank, their trust remains on your side even though you have been caught speeding, and completing our course indicates to them that you have learned your lesson and have moved on. In the short-term, it impacts your insurance costs, but long-term, you will find that this becomes less of an issue.

Finally, it acts as part of the logic to keep you from speeding again. So, you’ve been caught speeding and you’ve paid your fine, you’ve received points on your licence, and you’ve completed your course. But then you find out that your insurance costs have increased as a result. You may be unhappy, but if this wasn’t the case, would you really learn your lesson, especially if you are young and new to driving independently? However, increased insurance costs are a reminder to you: “I was caught speeding, and because of this outcome, I will not speed again”. Besides, if you were caught driving dangerously, as in speeding between lanes or on pavements in busy roads, you would expect that your insurance provider would hit you in the pocket as a result, so why wouldn’t this be the case for speeding, considering the potentially tragic consequences of speeding at an extreme level?

So, yes, attending a speed awareness course will impact your insurance costs, but hopefully we have explained why this is the case in sufficient detail. You can find out more information by visiting our website at