How to ensure your cat uses the scratching post and spare your furniture


No one like to get home to find the furniture torn and scratched by their cat. Cats like scratching things to leave a scent or mark their territory. When bringing your cat home you should ensure the home is cat proof so as to avoid all these upset and stressful moments.

Why does your cat need a scratching post?

One of the essential product your cat will need is a scratching post. You need to invest in a good scratching post for your cat that can suit its natural instincts and keep your furniture intact. A cat’s body is flexible and can stretch a lot from her paws to its back and hence need a scratching post that is high.

Cats are very territorial and mark their surroundings to scare away foreign cats. In a household of multiple pets supremacy battle may occur among the cats who want to show they are way above in the hierarchy. Just like cat spraying a cat marking its’ territory can scratch your furniture to rely a message. When deciding on the best place to put the scratching post ensure it is the preferred area of your cat, and over time can be moved to suit the home arrangement.

Scratching posts are great in a household full of multiple cats, with hierarchy battles the vertical and horizontal posts ensures all the cats are catered for and have their own territory without disturbing the peace of the other even while playing.

As you train your cat on the scratching post you want a positive result, do not forget to reward her once she climbs up and scratches on her way up to get a treat. Placing the treat on top of the scratching post will encourage her more often to go up the scratching post and this familiarity will make her stay more on the post and less on your furniture and carpet.

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