Dog Ramps — Folding, Telescoping & Step Ramps for cars

dog ramps - best telescoping, folding & step ramps uk

Before you start reading this article you need to understand how to best choose a dog ramp for assisting your dog up any object they want to access. Thanks to for gifting us this article.

Getting in and out of a car is simple for most humans but for a variety of reasons, it can be a real chore for a dog. The three main points to consider when choosing a dog ramp are:

    • The exact height of the object be it, car, sofa, boat or deck you want your pet to reach
    • The level of mobility impairment your dog is facing,
    • How bad is the impairment getting and usually it will considering the dogs age, arthritis etc

Once the above consideration buying guides have been assessed, you can decide which dog ramp to pick depending on the characteristics listed below.

How Big Should the Ramp be?

Indoor and outdoor dog ramps help your dog avoid too much jumping and avoids joint and hip issues developing. One of the key benefits is preventing on-the-spot injuries and long-term complications such as joint pain and hip dysplasia.
As a prospective buyers you might encounter these 3 choices for your dogs telescopic ramp and folding ramp:

  1. Dog Ramps — advocated by vets for older dogs as they are flat inclined ramp ideal for dogs with mobility challenges and suffering from arthritis or hip dysplasia
  2. Dog Stairs — Ideal for small doys & toy dogs like chihuahua and usually come starndard with more than four stair steps. These steps aid your dog climb easily on the sofa or on your bed without any assistance from you
  3. Dog Steps — based on my research I, have found majority of the dog steps come with 1 to 3 steps and are aimed for medium dog breeds.

Best Dog Ramps UK

The most expensive ramp aren’t necessary the best dog ramps. However, we have done extensive research online and having had a few dog ramps before I know what to look out for which is why I have recommended these dog ramps since most of us are out with our dogs alot and we dont need to lift them after a long tiring walk. When we are tired we are more prone to injuiries ourselves and having a dog ramp will reduce the chances of injuring your back too. The material used to make dog ramps have been carefully chosen to make them lightweight and hence why most dog car ramps are made either of plastic or aluminium. This makes it for us to carry.

Below are the 7 best dog ramps in the market today.

  1. Solvit PetSafe Telescopic Dog Ramp.
  2. Pet Gear Travel Lite Tri-Fold Ramp with supertraX.
  3. Pet Gear Travel Lite Tri-Fold Reflective Ramp.
  4. Trixie Pet Ramp.
  5. Pet Ramp Safety Engineered by Doghealth.
  6. PetSafe Solvit Ultrlite Bi-Fold Pet Ramp.
  7. Pet Gear 2 Step Stairs

Indestructible Dog Toys UK for all breeds and Puppies

What are dog toys?

Dog toys are designed for fun, bonding, mental stimulation and increase dog exercise. These are part of the potential benefits a toy will bring to your pooch and if you continue  down this article.

Dog toys come in many varieties, including dog bones, puppy toys, balls, tug toys, training aids, squeaky toys, discs and frisbees, plush toys, and sticks. Most UK families have Labradors, Spaniels or Golden Retrivers and all these breeds are powerful dog breeds and are known for being strong chewers. Therefore, dog toys to these example of dogs will be shred to pieces and hence why we are going to talk about indestructible dog toys below.
Research by dog charities show that 5 particualr dog breeds often end up in emergency vet services and they include: Jack Russell Terriers, Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, Beagles and Pit Bull Terriers as they are considered heavy chewers. Therefore, need durable toys to stimulate them.

What are indestructible dog toys?

While no dog toy is completely chew proof, some are more durable than others. There is one company that is a pioneer of indestructible toys and I have bought a few toys from them for my puppies and senior dogs for friends. Have you heard of Kong? If you haven’t google them and every pet blogger writing about dog products will atleast put their toys on their list. I usually say, there is no point asking forums what is the best indestructible toy, go ahead and try kong. It wont burst your check book and once you try coem back and leave a comment what you think of it.
As you’ll see from reading reviews of dog toys, it’s hard to find one toy that has all 5 star positive reviews. One toy may seem indestructible to one dog breed and their owners, yet fall apart for others so its highly advisable to always inspect the toy before you hand it to your canine friend as you dont want it to fall apart and then end up going to the vet for scans to see if they have swallowed parts you can’t find.
To define indestructible dog toys would be hard for the reason mentioned above. However, most indestructible toys tend to be chew toys which are designed to be chewed by animals for purposes of stimulation and relief from boredomsay. This are ideal for puppies and materials used for these toys include durable rubber, hard plastic, raw hide and mineral.

Where can I buy the Best dog toys?

Since Amazon is a 24 hour market place and you have some guarantees when you purchase from them I like sniffing around the pet supplies section to see what is selling the best and then find a local pet store to order. Most of the big pet suppliers have stores on Amazon and Ebay so you can as well just order straight through them and you will get the same quality product at a bargain most times.

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